ARCHER is the UK National Supercomputing Service. The ARCHER Service is:

  • A world-class supercomputer located and run in the UK.
  • An invaluable resource for researchers who study problems with a global impact.
  • Part of the PRACE initiative giving leading scientific users access to a European pool of supercomputers.

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ARCHER Image Competition 2014

Winner of the ARCHER Image Competition, Mr Pedro J Saenz of the Institute for Materials and Processes, University of Edinburgh Department of Chemical Engineering.

His image entitled "Streamlines illustrating the temperature distribution and emergence of azimuthal currents within the flow of an irregular 3D liquid droplet undergoing phase change" was produced as part of his work on ARCHER project "3D instabilities in two-layer flows".

The image was selected by the judges for its combination of stunning visual impact combined with the exciting new scientific knowledge it reveals.

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