ARCHER is the UK National Supercomputing Service. The ARCHER Service is:

  • A world-class supercomputer located and run in the UK.
  • An invaluable resource for researchers who study problems with a global impact.
  • Part of the PRACE initiative giving leading scientific users access to a European pool of supercomputers.

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Case Studies

Examples of the problems and topics on which ARCHER is playing a key role.

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How can ARCHER help me?

Information on how to get access to ARCHER for your research.

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Current ARCHER Users

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Acknowledging ARCHER

Call for ARCHER Leadership Projects

The Leadership Project Call provides a new opportunity for access to the national supercomputer ARCHER for computationally intensive projects (>100,000 kAU) from academic and non-academic users in EPSRC and NERC remit. Eligible projects include:

  • Leadership calculations that push the boundaries of scientific HPC.
  • High-risk, high-reward projects that have significant potential for large future impact.
  • Pre-competitive computational production runs by non-academic research groups.


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