UK Research Data Facility (UK-RDF) Guide

The UK Research Data Facility (UK-RDF), funded by EPSRC and NERC, is collocated with ARCHER and is housed at the ACF facility.

The Research Councils' vision behind the RDF:

  • Provide a high capacity robust file store;
  • Persistent infrastructure - will last beyond any one national service;
  • Easily extensible in size and number of hosts - degree of future proofing and potential for increasing local post processing activities;
  • Operates independently of any one vendor's offering for compute;
  • Remotely accessible via an Edinburgh host - not restricted to through login nodes;
  • Will remove end of service data issues - transfers at end of services have become increasingly lengthy;
  • Will also ensure that data from the current ARCHER service is secured - this will ensure a degree of soft landing if there is ever a gap in National Services;

This guide describes the UK-RDF and provides information on how to use the facility.

If you have any questions about the RDF, please contact the ARCHER Helpdesk.


1. Introduction

An introduction to the UK-RDF facility. This includes information on the hardware.

2. Interactive access to UK-RDF

How to open an interactive connection to the UK-RDF resources

3. UK-RDF File Systems

Overview of the file systems on the UK-RDF

4. Transferring Data to/from UK-RDF

Best practice for transferring data to/from UK-RDF

5. Using the UK-RDF Data Analytic Cluster (DAC)

How to get use the UK-RDF data analytic cluster (DAC). All nodes on the DAC have high-bandwidth, direct Infiniband connections to the UK-RDF disks.