ARCHER User Guide

This guide explains how to make use of the ARCHER facility. It is designed with the needs of new users in mind, but will also be a useful reference for everyone.

The following screencast demonstrates how to access help in the ARCHER terminal once you are connected:


1. Introduction

An introduction to the ARCHER facility. This includes links to information on the hardware and software installed on the system and basic information on the use of the system.

2. Connecting and Transferring Data

How to access the ARCHER facilities and transfer data to and from ARCHER.

3. Resource Management

Information on using budgets (for CPU time), the ARCHER filesystems and managing your resources using the ARCHER SAFE.

4. Application Development Environment

Using the application development environment on ARCHER: using modules to control compilers and libraries, compiling and linking code, accessing debugging and performance analysis tools.

5. Running Jobs

How to run jobs on ARCHER facilities and more information on the job submission system.

6. Using Python on ARCHER

This chapter describes how to use the Python programming language on ARCHER on both the login and post-processing nodes and on the compute nodes.

7. Linux Help

This chapter gives some help on using Linux on ARCHER.