The list below shows the currently scheduled ARCHER courses. Please follow the links in the list to find out more about the courses and to register.

If you would like us to provide a course on a particular topic and/or in a particular location then please contact us via the ARCHER helpdesk.

Upcoming Courses

Individual links to course provide more details on the content and prerequisites. Click Register to sign up for a particular course.

Modern Fortran Wed 8 June 15:00 Online Further info
Software Carpentry 9-10 June 2016 Belfast Register
POpSiCLE: a PhOtoelectron SpeCtrum Library for lasEr-matter interactions. Wed 15 June 15:00 Online Further info
Performance Analysis workshop 6-8 July 2016 Cambridge Register
Reg extended to
30 May 2016

ARCHER Summer School 2016

Hands-On Introduction to HPC 11-12 July 2016 EPCC, Edinburgh Register
Message-passing Programming with MPI 13-15 July 2016 EPCC, Edinburgh Register

The following courses are provisional and details of dates and locations may be subject to change.
Shared-Memory Programming with OpenMP London
Object-Oriented Programming with Fortran
GPU Programming with CUDA London
Advanced OpenMP Bristol
Advanced MPI September 2016 Edinburgh
Performance Programming
Data Carpentry Edinburgh
Hands-on Introduction to HPC
Intermediate MPI
Message-Passing Programming with MPI London
Practical Software Development

Courses marked with are fully booked but please complete the registration form to be added to the waiting list.

Eligibility for training

ARCHER courses are free to all academics.

If you are from a commercial organisation and wish to attend a particular course or arrange training at your site by the EPCC team then please contact the ARCHER Training Administrator.

Online Training

An online Introduction to ARCHER and HPC is available. The material complements the Hands-on Introduction to HPC training course, provides revision and supplementary materials, and is also suitable for anyone already familiar with other HPC resources who wishes to learn about the specifics of ARCHER.

On completion of the Introduction to HPC course, whether as a taught course delivered by our trainers or by indepdently reading the online resources, you are encouraged to undertake the ARCHER Driving Test. On Successful completion of the ARCHER Driving Test you will be invited to apply for an account on ARCHER with 1200 kAUs to use over 12 months, enabling you to put your skills into practice.

Past courses

Past courses are listed here. Virtual tutorials are listed here.

Other Training