Getting Access to ARCHER

There are specific allocation mechanisms for requesting ARCHER time via the ARCHER partner research councils EPSRC and NERC as detailed below. For researchers in other areas, please get in touch with your research council if you would like to use ARCHER. PIs who wish to move resources from HECToR to ARCHER should contact the Helpdesk.

Open ARCHER Calls

A list of any currently open calls through which you can apply for access to ARCHER.

Note: Instant Access and access via standard grant applications are always open and are not listed in this table. Please see below for more information on these routes.

Call (Web Link) Closing Date TA Receipt Deadline Notes
RAP: Access to ARCHER 16:00, 14 May 2014 16:00, 30 April 2014 EPSRC Remit only, read call guidliines carefully
RAP: Top-up 16:00, 14 May 2014 16:00, 30 April 2014 EPSRC Remit only, read call guidliines carefully

ARCHER Access Routes

There are multiple access routes to ARCHER:

  • ARCHER Access Through EPSRC Grants
  • ARCHER Access Through NERC Grants
  • ARCHER Instant Access
  • ARCHER Access Through the Resource Allocation Panel
  • ARCHER Access Through Grants with Other Funding Bodies

Access Through EPSRC Grants

Access to ARCHER can be requested by adding it as a facility in a standard EPSRC grant application. Reasonable ARCHER allocations are awarded for a 2 year period in the first instance, after which the applicant can apply for a top-up resource via the Resource Allocation Panel (RAP). For the moment, we ask applicants to choose HECToR as a facility in Je-S, as ARCHER has not yet been added to the system.

Access Through NERC Grants

NERC applicants should also add ARCHER as a facility in the standard application, contact the relevant NERC consortia leader and check the current NERC policy on access. Full details are on the NERC website. If more than 50M Allocation Units are required in any one year, the NERC HPC 'New' Form should be submitted with the standard JeS application.

EPSRC Instant Access

As a pump priming opportunity for new HPC users, EPSRC offer instant access to ARCHER for a limited number of AUs over a six month period. This mode of access should give new users the opportunity to test ARCHER for their purposes and work towards a fully peer reviewed application,either via a standard grant or via the Resource Allocation Panel. An extension will only be granted in exceptional cases.

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Access via EPSRC Resource Allocation Panel (RAP)

Access to ARCHER can also be requested through calls for proposals to the RAP. Meetings are held three times a year. A reasonable number of AUs should be requested for a maximum time of 1 year. The RAP also approves requests for top ups to resource allocations as part of standard EPSRC grants.

Calls for applications via the resource allocation panels are published three times a year and provide access to ARCHER for 1 year maximum. There is no limit on the number of AUs that can be applied for through RAP access. However, applicants should note that there will be up to a maximum number of AUs available to award at each panel, subject to the quality of the proposals. You may also apply for storage capacity at the Research Data Facility. Applications through the RAP are for compute and storage only. Applicants must make sure that any related expenses such as staff time are covered by other means.

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How to Apply For Top Up Resource via The EPSRC RAP

Access to the national high performance computing resource can be allocated as part of EPSRC grants at the time of award. Initially only 2 years of resource are granted at which point, grant holders are invited to apply for a top-up to meet the objectives of their EPSRC grant.

Applicants to this call can request ARCHER compute resource only to facilitate the remainder of their existing EPSRC grant. The number of Allocation Units (AUs) requested must be fully justified in the application and reasonable in view of the original allocation and remaining duration of the project. The maximum eligible time period is two years. For longer grants, multiple top-ups are possible. Please note that the pa nel may recommend a reduced allocation if a request appears to be unfeasible or unjustified.

Applications will not be considered where the previous resource allocated to the applicant has been exhausted due to mismanagement or to undertake any work outside the scope of the original grant.

As with all applications to the RAP, only ARCHER computing resource can be applied for. This does not include staff time and other resources, which should be covered by the existing grant.

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Access Through Grants with Other Funding Bodies

If eligible, access costs for ARCHER should be included in the grant application on basis of the rate for non-partner organisations. For any questions, please contact EPSRC and/or the funding body of your choice before applying.