Voxel-based biomechanical engineering with VOX-FE2

Richard Holbrey, University of Hull
Neelofer Banglawala, EPCC

VOX-FE2 is a voxel-based Finite Element software suite, developed jointly between Hull Medical & Biological Engineering and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre. As part of an on-going Hull-EPCC eCSE collaboration, VOX-FE2 now boasts a sophisticated graphical user interface that allows the complex loading regimes present in biomechanical analyses to be readily applied to the model geometry, and the resultant 3D stress and strain patterns to be easily visualized. Furthermore, the previous VOX-FE solver has been replaced by a new scalable, PETSc-based solver developed on ARCHER. We will discuss the current state of the eCSE project, which now allows a basic bone remodelling scheme with multiple solves and animation of the results.