Technical Forumi Meeting Notes: February 2014

  • Date: 26 February 2014
  • Attendees: 33
  • Present: ARCHER SP, ARCHER CSE, Cray CoE


  • Does BLAS/LAPACK multithreading work with NumPy/SciPy? Not yet tested.
  • Any experience with mixed Python/C/Fortran? User responded with yes and that no issues other than those discussed already.
  • Why is there a module as well as the default OS installation? To allow the service a measure of control over dependencies.
  • Does the improt scaling problem depend on number of modules imported or does it generally applyy? This analysis has not yet been performed. The results shown are for importing 100 modules.
  • Could you compile the Python binary statically including the required libraries (e.g. using SWIG) to overcome the import scaling issue? This has not yet been tried.
  • Please could you install petsc4py?
  • Is PIP framework available or possible? Had a brief try but could not get it working.
  • Please install netcdf4 for Python.
  • When will mpi4py be available via a module? In the next few weeks.