Tuesday 31st July 2018

Survey - Benefits of Continuing Fortran Standardisation

If you use Fortran, directly or indirectly, would you please complete the following survey:

It has been developed by the committee of the BCS Fortran Group to quantify the value of modern Fortran standards to organisations and individuals. The results of the survey will help the Group justify continuing involvement in Fortran standardisation efforts. The results of the survey will be shared with the ISO Fortran standardisation committee, so your responses will help shape the future of the Fortran language.

The survey will run until 31 Dec. 2018.

The Fortran language has been steadily developing since its origins in 1957. Many people have been working on revising the Fortran specification, resulting in Fortran 77, 90, 95, 2003, 2008 and 2018 standards. This survey is designed to find out exactly what benefits newer Fortran standards bring to the community.

We would like to know how newer Fortran standards have increased the quality of your code, cut development costs, increased portability or performance of your code, or whether you can attach any monetary value to the benefits enabled by modern Fortran standards.

This questionnaire contains 4 sections. All questions are optional, and it will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you.

Science Case for ARCHER 2

EPSRC have recently published the Science Case for ARCHER2 and made it available on their website. It contains a lot of case study material and helps demonstrate that the research run by users on UK HPC infrastructure is important to the UK and UKRI in making the case for future investments.

The Science Case can be found at:

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Registration open now

  • Shared-Memory Programming with OpenMP Imperial College London 13-14 Sept 2018
  • Scientific Programming with Python Durham 17-18 Sept 2018
  • Data Carpentry Swansea 20-21 Sept 2018

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