Tuesday 17th July 2018

Virtual Tutorial: Introduction to using Version Control with Git

Wednesday 25th July 2018 15:00 BST Arno Proeme, EPCC

Git is now the most commonly used version control tool for managing the development of scientific software. This webinar will give a practical introduction to using Git, be it to start keeping track of your own code or to contribute to an existing piece of software. We will cover basic concepts and terms, some common workflows, and will look briefly at the functionality of GitHub and GitLab.

HPC Carpentry

25-26 July 2018, Leeds

This course is aimed at researchers who have little or no experience of using high performance or high throughput computing but are interested to learn how it could help their research, how they could use it and how it provides additional performance. You need to have previous experience working with the Unix Shell. For a brief introduction to bash, you can refer to the Software Carpentry material available online. You don't need to have any previous knowledge of the tools that will be presented at the workshop.

After completing this course, participants will:

  • Understand motivations for using HPC in research
  • Understand how HPC systems are put together to achieve performance and how they differ from desktops/laptops
  • Know how to connect to remote HPC systems and transfer data
  • Know how to use a scheduler to work on a shared system
  • Be able to use software modules to access different HPC software
  • Be able to work effectively on a remote shared resource

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Registration open now.

Trial change to maintenance schedule

To minimise service disruption and maximise responsiveness to user needs, the service is trialling a move to a weekly at-risk session during working hours rather than the current fortnightly at-risk or full maintenance schedule. At risk sessions can still be converted into full maintenance sessions where strictly required with the appropriate notice and approvals. We will try this approach from July to September and consider making this change permanent if the impact and feedback are positive.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Registration open now

  • HPC Carpentry Leeds 25 - 26 July 2018
  • Advanced MPI Milton Keynes 30 - 31 July 2018
  • Shared-Memory Programming with OpenMP Imperial College London 13-14 Sept 2018

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