KNL Performance Reports

As the ARCHER KNL system has now been in operation for a few months, we contacted all the ARCHER KNL users to ask them to contribute to a performance comparison exercise along with the ARCHER CSE Team at EPCC.

The main objective of this exercise was to compare the performance of a range of applications on the ARCHER KNL nodes to their performance on standard ARCHER nodes.

We have had an excellent response so far, with 13 reports comparing the performance of 11 different applications from a range of compatational science areas including CFD, molecular dynamics and plasma simulation.

All of the peformance reports are now available on the ARCHER website at:

along with a short summary prepared by Luis Cebamanos from the ARCHER CSE Team.

This wide range of smaller, real application, benchmarks now provide a useful resource for comparing different HPC architectures and we plan to take this work forward by running the comparison across as many systems as we can gain access to.