UK-RDF Data Analytic Cluster Available

As part of the UK Research Data Facility (UK-RDF), a small data analytic cluster is available to all projects who have data stored on the UK-RDF file systems on ARCHER (/epsrc, /nerc, /general).

The data analytic cluster (DAC) is designed to allow users to process and analyse data on the UK-RDF in a standard Linux environment. As such it supports:

  • High-bandwidth Infiniband connections to the UK-RDF disks
  • 12 standard compute nodes, each with two 10-core Intel processors and 128 GB memory
  • 2 high-memory compute nodes, each with four 8-core Intel processors and 2 TB memory
  • Flexible environment to support a wide range of workflows

Documentation on use of the DAC can be found in the UK-RDF user guide at:

Your current ARCHER username and password can be used to log into the UK-RDF DAC.

If you have any questions or run into any problems using the service please do not hesitate to contact the ARCHER helpdesk.