HPC SAC Meeting: 10 October 2014

The next HPC Scientific Advisory Committee (HPC SAC) meeting will take place on 15 October 2014. The HPC SAC would be grateful for comments and suggestions from ARCHER users. Please get in touch with a member that represents your community. The current membership of the HPC SAC is:

Membership Name
Chair (EPSRC user representative) Hans Fangohr
Vice-chair (NERC user representative) John Brodholt
EPSRC user representative Charles Laughton
EPSRC user representative Paul Sherwood
EPSRC user representative Gerard Gorman
EPSRC user representative Matt Probert
EPSRC user representative Sam French
NERC user representative Grenville Lister
International HPC user representative Martin Bertzins
By invitation
Service Provision technical representative (UoE HPCx Ltd) Liz Sim
CSE director (UoE HPCx Ltd) Alan Simpson
Cray CoE Representative Jason Beech-Brandt
Authority Representatives
EPSRC Reaserch Infrastructure Lead Susan Morrell
ARCHER Service Manager Michele Erat
ARCHER Contract Manager Edward Clarke
NERC representative Frances Collingborn